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Custom Integrations

Katalys makes onboarding easy by providing plugins for common CRM systems. For clients who have a custom website, or have used an incompatible plugin or theme, this section outlines the steps needed to build a Custom Integration.

You can follow the Quick Start Guide below, or jump into customizing your integration by reading through the following three steps for integrating with Katalys:

  1. Landing Page Tracking
    Implement our JavaScript library that tracks when someone lands on your website from our network.

  2. Thank-You Page Tracking
    Pass additional fields to our JavaScript library when the user has completed their order.

  3. Order Status Reporting (optional)
    Update or augment Order information within our system with information reported by your CRM so that your Program customizations work correctly.

Having problems? Jump to our debugging guide to get guidance.

Quick Start Guide

Katalys requires Advertisers to include our tracking pixel

1) on Landing Pages (for fraud detection, user verification, and direct linking) and

2) on Thank-You pages (for capturing conversions).

Follow the following steps to get started quickly.

Step 1: Get your script

Ask your Account Manager for the URL of {{YOUR-CUSTOM-URL}}. Then replace the URL they provide into the snippet below. This your tracking code.

<script type="text/javascript" src="{{YOUR-CUSTOM-URL}}" async></script>

Step 2: Implement your script on your website

Deploy the code snippet you created in Step 1 onto your website by placing it in the <head> section of all your pages, or by deploying it via Google Tag Manager using the trigger All Pages.

Step 3: Add a Conversion Tag to your Thank-You page

On your Thank-You page, you need to deploy a slightly different snippet. Replace {{YOUR-CUSTOM-URL}} in the snippet below and deploy it to your post-sale Thank-You page.

<script type="text/javascript" src="{{YOUR-CUSTOM-URL}}"></script>
_revoffers_track = window._revoffers_track || [];

Customizing Your Integration

Katalys clients commonly want to add additional information into Katalys so they can correlate orders, produce advanced reports, and see deep insights into their Program performance.

Recommended steps:

  • Add your Order ID and Customer Email into the Thank-You page snippet.
    To implement this, you must customize your Thank-You Page snippet to define the order_id and email keys with the values that come from your CRM. This will enable you to correlate orders between the Katalys Marketing Platform and your CRM system, and will enable conversion and payout rules based on customer history in the Katalys Marketing Platform.

  • Add Sale Amount and SKU information to your Order.
    To implement this, you can provide information in your Thank-You Page snippet (instructions), or by implementing a custom order_id value in your Thank-You Page snippet and then later submitting information from your CRM using Order Status Reporting. This will enable you to add custom payout levels on your Program and report on the success of your Program with metrics like LTV, AOV, and per-product breakdowns.

Debugging Your Integration

JavaScript Tag Debugging

The Katalys JavaScript tag is easy to debug by using any browser debugging tools, such as the Chrome DevTools window.

  • Open your website inside of Chrome, and open up the DevTools (documentation).

  • Click on the “Network” panel to view all the network requests being made by your website.

  • Reload the website to get the latest view of the data.

  • Search for revoffers or _tr. Find a ping to

For more debugging steps, read “Validating your Thank-You Script”.

Order Reporting

All data received from the frontend or backend of your website is processed in the order you submit it. It is typically updated within 30 seconds or less. To confirm your integration, you will need to submit an order to our system and then load the Katalys Marketing Platform entry for your order.

  • Load Katalys Marketing Platform or go here.

  • Navigate to Reports → Conversions

  • Find the Order by clicking “Filters” and filtering for your Order ID

  • Click on the “Details” icon in the far-left column. Review the details on this screen to ensure they match the data you reported to our system.

    • If you see something that looks wrong, contact Katalys Support.

Other Considerations


The scope utilized by Katalys is below:

  • Having the Katalys tracking JavaScript on your website

  • Sending Order Status updates to Katalys so we can trigger your custom business rules

Your customers are your customers! Collected data is only used to attribute that growth where appropriate in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  Katalys partners with brands to create strong relationships to help you drive performance -- our focus is your success! 

Compatibility with other Apps

In general, the Katalys app is a read-only application. There are no known compatibility issues or concerns with any other applications.

Note: If you use an application that modifies or replaces the checkout page, then you must clone the Katalys pixel into that tool's “Conversion Pixel” configuration area.

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