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Privacy Policy

Please view our full Privacy Policy.

Use of Information

We use information, which may include personal information, held about you to perform the Services and for other purposes outlined below. You can find out more about our Services at Katalys.

Specifically, we use your information as follows:

  • Sharing it with third parties such as Business Customers, advertising partners, Ad Networks, Data Providers and corporate affiliates. This is in order to allow our Business Customers to operate online advertising campaigns, conduct internal analysis to perform and to improve the effectiveness of the advertising services we provide to our Business Customers, associated technologies, and the services of our corporate affiliates.

  • Combining information we collect about you with information we obtain from Business Customers and other partners, Ad Networks and/or other companies such as Data Providers including our corporate affiliates (pursuant to their own privacy policies). This is in order to provide Services to our Business Customers such as tools to see how their website or mobile applications are used and tools to enable the display of targeted advertisements across multiple devices. This gives the capability to conduct internal analysis in order to perform and improve the effectiveness of the online advertising services that we provide to our Business Customers and the services of our corporate affiliates.

  • Determining whether a web user profile fits a relevant segment (e.g., a web user that visits a sporting good website might fit within the segment of users interested in sporting goods).

  • Presenting advertisements tailored to interests you have shown. For example, if you are searching for information on a particular product, we or our vendor may cause an advertisement to appear on other websites or applications you view with information on that product. We believe that such advertising is helpful because you will see advertisements that are relevant to your interests. We may use Ad Networks to deliver advertisements and related services to you on behalf of our advertisers.

  • Determining whether multiple devices (e.g., a desktop computer and a mobile phone) are connected by applying probabilistic techniques (e.g., algorithmic and other mathematical techniques) to data that we collect. For example, determining the probability that a desktop web cookie and a mobile device belonging to the same user. We may supplement such probabilistic data with deterministic data (e.g., unique identifiers). We may also share this device matching information with our Business Customers to enable them to provide advertising, analytics or other services.

  • Determining whether you have seen a particular advertisement before to avoid sending you duplicate advertisements.

  • Understanding the patterns of people who see advertisements.

  • Providing insights and reporting back to Business Customers and other partners. This includes statistical reporting in connection with the activity on a website or mobile application, optimization of the location of ad placement, ad performance, reach and frequency metrics, billing, and logging ads served on a particular day to a particular website or application.

  • Determining the probability and nature of connections between devices.

  • Creating online advertising models through lookalike modeling or similar research methodologies.

We may share information we collect about you with third parties such as our Business Customers, advertiser partners, Ad Networks and Data Providers. Third parties are not bound by this Privacy Policy. As such, except as provided herein or under applicable law, their use of any information or other data we share with them, third-party cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies may be governed by their own privacy policy or permissions you granted them.

To be clear, we may, to the extent permitted by applicable law, collect or create information that is not personal information such as sets of aggregate data and other generalized information, including information about browsing, usage and interactions and de-identified personal information that does not reveal your identity. We retain the right to use and disclose information that is not personal information in any manner permitted by law.

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