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Setting up a Program

Adding a Program

To be able to drive revenue from Katalys platform, you need to create a Program.

First program is created as a part of onboarding process, but you can always add more.


Program creation as a part of the onboarding process

To create a new program, use the Create Program button in the onboarding flow (above) or in the Programs section (below):


The Program configuration wizard will open, allowing you to enter the Program’s data.

Step 1: Program Details

All the fields on this step are mandatory:

  • Program Name - the name of the program that will be visible to the partners

  • Default Landing Page - usually company or brand site URL, where visitors will be redirected to get more info about the program

  • Verticals - categories that best describe the program or brand, are used for better discoverability

  • Geographical Area - choose the area from the list of the available options (one or multiple)


Step 2: Define Payout

On this step you should define the cost/percent per transaction. This amount will be applied to all partners by default. This field is mandatory.


Step 3: Publishing Settings

On this step you need to define whether the applications to join the program need to be approved manually:

  • If no (set by default), all Partner Traffic Sources are automatically approved to promote your Program. No more manual actions are required.

  • If yes, you will need to manually review and approve each Traffic Source that applies to your Program. When this setting is enabled, you'll receive a notification for each application, including a link to the "Pending Publishers" section where you can approve or reject the request.


Please, note that the information collected on this step is only a basic information needed to create a program draft. To complete the program setup, please see also Adding details to the program.

Adding details to the program

Once the program is created, it becomes available for further editing in the Programs section:


Click on the program to see its current state and edit the details.

Program Setup Wizard

Program Setup wizard will guide you through the Program setup process. It shows how many steps are yet to complete to activate the Program.

General Information

Some fields are pre-populated from the program creation wizard.

  • Program Name (mandatory) - pre-populated

  • Program Description (optional)

  • Additional Terms and Conditions (optional)

  • Verticals (mandatory) - pre-populated

  • Geographical Area (mandatory) - pre-populated

  • Languages (optional) - select from the list

  • Tags (optional) - select from the list

  • Restricted Categories (optional) - choose one or more options if applicable

  • Allowed Channels (optional) - choose one or more options if applicable (all the others will be restricted)

  • Operating Systems (optional) - choose one or more options if applicable

  • Prohibited Promotion Methods (optional) - all methods chosen by default as prohibited

  • Status (mandatory) - is set to Draft on Program creation and is changed when the program is either Approved after being checked by Katalys employee, paused or the traffic is redirected to another program.

  • Approval (mandatory) - pre-populated

  • Thumbnail (optional) - a thumbnail of the program that will be reflected on the platform

  • Payout (mandatory) - pre-populated

  • Website and Socials (optional) - add links to websites/socials if applicable


After the program details are completed, click Save button to apply the changes.

Adding Links (Landing Pages)

Once program details are added, the next step is to create the links. To do that click Add links button in the wizard (Step 3) or switch to Content section:


Click Add Link button to create a new Landing page. You will need to define:

  • Link Name (mandatory) - anything descriptive to distinguish the links from one another

  • Preview URL (mandatory) - URL where you want to redirect clients to. In the gray area below the link template will be automatically applied to the Preview URL.

  • Enter Custom Landing Page URL (optional) - using this option makes the gray area editable and you acn adjust the link’s URL.


Click Add Link once all the fields are completed.

Testing the Program

Once the other setup steps are completed, Katalys will test the program, which means test traffic will be sent to ensure the availability of the links and correct processing. After the program is successfully tested, the program stage will be set to Active and Partners will be able to join their Traffic Sources to your program.

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