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Katalys Automated Monetization (K.A.M) Capabilities

Katalys is thrilled to introduce Katalys Automated Monetization (K.A.M) to our publishing Partners, specifically designed to make the monetization of your properties more effective and efficient!

Why use K.A.M?

Effortless Partner Link Replacement

Automatically replaces pre-existing un-monetized URL links with Katalys Partner links.

  • No need to hunt down links and available offers before placing the K.A.M script!

    • The K.A.M script automates this process, finding all links belonging to Katalys network advertisers and replacing them with Katalys Partner links, saving partners time and effort.

  • No need to generate and deploy links across your website!

  • No need for your team to manually update pages!

  • Monitor the status of the link replacer script after it is placed on a webpage using the Katalys Marketing Check URL page to ensure the appropriate tracking link is on the target page!

Automatic Updates

Automatically ensures Katalys links reflect the most up-to-date changes with your account configuration, the offers for which you are approved, or advertiser offer details. Configuration changes are made on a daily basis!

  • No need to keep track of links!

  • No need to continually update your webpages with new links!

Identification of Monetization Optimizations

Alerts the Katalys team regarding links that no longer monetize, enabling us to recommend changes. Pertains to:

  • Links to inactive offers

  • Links for Advertisers' offers where approvals have not yet been confirmed

  • Links that are not monetizing because deeplinking must be enabled.

Performance Monitoring

We want the value our technology provides in driving monetization on your websites to be crystal clear. Accordingly, K.A.M provides the Katalys team with performance clarity so we can report to you on the effectiveness of partner links that have been automatically replaced on your website.

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