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Katalys Automated Monetization (K.A.M) Data Collection

The Katalys Automated Monetization (K.A.M) script is a JavaScript container offered by Katalys to help partners and advertisers deploy Katalys features quickly and easily. The script is a container where you as the container owner can turn features on or off.

What it does

By default, the script does just one thing – captures basic behavioral information so you know where the script is placed already. For the script to do anything else, either you or a Katalys Representative on your behalf must activate a feature, such as Link Replacement or Shop Replacement. These features inspect the links you’ve placed on the page and make decisions in real-time about if/how to replace those links. It will only impact links that link directly to our partners, and only if your account with us is approved for those partners.

What is collected

The K.A.M Script captures web browsing behavior data. This includes basic behaviors such as navigating to new webpages, what device types those visitors used, and how long visitors stayed on the page. When you’ve activated features like Link Replacement, only basic statistics are reported back to us, such as how many links were replaced, so that we can populate dashboards for you. We never collect data from forms or other input on the page – they are your customers and our job is limited to servicing your ability to monetize them.

Who owns it

The collected data is owned by the account holder. Your customer data is not sold. Since Katalys operates in partnership with our publishing Partners, Katalys retains the right to produce roll-up reporting for the purpose of building dashboards and reporting account performance to you.

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