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How to: Placing the Katalys Automated Monetization (K.A.M) Script Within Your Websites

We’ve made the Katalys Automated Monetization (K.A.M) script with ease of implementation in mind. See below for how to add the script to your web properties.

How and where to place the K.A.M Script:

The K.A.M script can be pasted anywhere within your webpage in order to function, including:

  • Paste the script into the <head>

  • Paste the script into the <body>

  • Place the script using Google Tag Manager, where the GTM script is in the <head> or <body>


If I’ve already placed the K.A.M Script on a page and then accidentally paste a new copy into the page, will it create problems?

No! Even if the script has already been placed directly in the page or via GTM, placing the script again will not negatively affect functionality.

Some of my links have UTM values or other custom parameters. Will the script interfere with passing these parameters to my partners?

In some cases, yes the script will replace UTM parameters. This happens when a brand requires monetized links to have consistent UTM sources for their own tracking purposes. When an offer has the “Deep Linking” feature enabled, however, the script will pass your UTM values correctly.

Will this script affect my SEO rankings or SEO strategy?

No! Our script detects when the website is being viewed or crawled, such as when the Google Crawler bot is traversing your website, and does not replace links. This enables you to continue to control how you send “link juice” to your link partners while also enabling seamless monetization of your existing link inventory.

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