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Katalys Plugin Installation

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Katalys Bridge

Install the Katalys Merchant Sales Bridge plugin and connect your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store by following the steps below ( or watch the video tutorial ):

STEP 1: Install the Katalys plugin:

  1. Navigate to Katalys/data folder:

    1. Rename data/sites/site_name to your site

    2. Zip the data folder

  2. Log into your Business Manager:

    1. Go to Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export

    2. Click 'Choose file'

    3. Upload your zip folder (

    4. Import the zipped folder:

  1. Go to Administration > Sites > Manage Sites > Your Site - Settings tab and add 'plugin_katalys' to the cartridges path. It should be placed after your main cartridge:

Now you will have Katalys' site preferences in your Business Manager, and you can continue to Step 2: Connecting your store with Katalys.

Step 2: Connecting your store with Katalys:

  1. Go to Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Site Preference Groups > Katalys

  2. Populate the following fields:

    1. Katalys Enabled: leave blank if you want to enable SFCC Katalys Bridge

    2. Katalys Key ID: You will get this information after completing Step 3

    3. Katalys Shared Secret: You will get this information after completing Step 3

    4. Katalys Image ViewType: default image view type, leave empty for the default large view type

    5. Basket Inventory Reserve Duration: duration of the basket's inventory reservation, leave empty for the default 30 minutes. When this time expires, the inventory in the basket is freed up.

  1. Services configuration

    1. Go to Administration > Operations > Services > Service Credentials > Katalys - Details:

      1. For production environment use:

      2. For development environment use:


  1. Go to your Katalys Dashboard and navigate to:
    Settings → Stores → Add Store → Custom Integration

  2. Input the form

    1. Online store name - example: Brand Store

    2. Developer Email to be notified on error:

    3. Fallback Email to notified on error:

    4. Endpoint for accepting Katalys orders and Events:

      1. Production URL
        Enter your site’s base URL in the following format: https://<>/en-us/directives
        Replace <>with your actual domain.

      2. Sandbox URL
        in case you want to use it is in the format:

    5. Sandbox URL should be in the following format https://<4 letter code><Your site name>-Site/en_US/Directives-Handle

      1. Change <4 letter code> and <Your site name>

      2. Note: If you have aliases set up on your sandbox, use appropriate alias hostname, and add a pipeline URL to Merchant Tools > SEO > URL Rules > Pipeline URLs same as for Production set up above.

  3. Katalys will fire a Health Check directive automatically which will fail at first. To make it work take the following steps:

    1. Navigate to: API Keys tab and copy and paste key information as described in Step 2:

    2. Make sure you add a pipeline URL to Merchant Tools > SEO > URL Rules > Pipeline URLs with the bellow record:

  4. To verify every thing works correctly navigate to the Logs tab and click Healthcheck

Congrats! You're done! You can now test your store by importing product, by copying the public URL of a PDP and place an order.

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