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Google Tag Manager Installation


Katalys (formerly “RevOffers”) requires Advertisers to include our tracking pixel on Landing Pages (for fraud detection and user verification) and on Thank You pages (for capturing conversions).

There are 2 parts to integrating with Katalys:

  1. Visitor Reporting
    This is a JavaScript file that will record clicks and incoming transaction IDs. It records when someone lands on your site from our network.

  2. Order Reporting
    This can be accomplished by installing our WooCommerce or Shopify plugins, or via a custom JavaScript implementation on the Thank You page of a checkout flow. 

Part 1: Visitor Reporting


You can install the app in just a few steps!

Minimally this must be done on pages that will potentially receive traffic from our affiliates, but it’s safer to simply launch site-wide.  This script will record when visitors land on your pages from the Katalys Network.

  1. Log into your Google Tag Manager Workspace Dashboard
    Click ‘New Tag’ to add the Katalys tracking script to your page.

  2. Enter the name for the Tag
    Click ‘Tag Configuration’ to select the Tag Type.

  3. Select ‘Custom HTML’ for the Tag Type
    With this Tag Type, you can directly plug in the snippet for the Katalys Tracking Script.

  4. Place your tracking JavaScript snippet in the HTML content section

The URL in the snippet below may vary slightly based on your account’s needs. Please confirm your snippet is correct before implementing it.

<script src="{{YOUR-CUSTOM-URL}}" async></script>

5. Configure Tag Triggers
Click ‘Triggering’ to set the Trigger Configuration for this Tag.

6. Ensure the Script fires on all pages

Select the ‘All Pages' Trigger of type ‘Page View’.

7. Save the changes to create the Custom Tag

Click the ‘Save’ button to finalize Tag/Trigger Configuration.

8. Publish the Tracking Script to your site!

Click ‘Submit’ to add the Custom Tag to your live website.

Part 2: Order Reporting

On the Thank You page after the customer has completed an order and an Order ID is known, add additional details before the Katalys JavaScript tag.

This portion of integration must be done outside Google Tag Manager. Please refer to the Custom Integration instructions.


The scope utilized by Katalys is below:

  • Having the Katalys tracking JavaScript on your website

  • Sending Order Status updates to Katalys so we can trigger your custom business rules

Your customers are your customers! Collected data is only used to attribute that growth where appropriate in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  Katalys partners with brands to create strong relationships to help you drive performance -- our focus is your success! 

Compatibility with other Apps

In general, the Katalys app is a read-only application. There are no known compatibility issues or concerns with any other applications.

An exception here is the “Thank You” page – Katalys needs to place a conversion pixel to attribute the revenue correctly. If you use an application that modifies or replaces the checkout page, then you must clone the Katalys pixel into that tool's “Conversion Pixel” configuration area.

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