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Getting Started with Katalys Marketing: Advertisers

Katalys is a performance-based advertising network for transformational health products and brands. Our publishers deliver high converting in-market traffic to an exclusive list of curated products on the market. Want more eCommerce customers for your brand? Partner with Katlys to craft an enticing performance offer; we’ll do the rest.

The Katalys Advertiser Integration plugin enables brands to complete their technical integration in one no-hassle step. It listens for order-related hooks within your installation and reports to the Katalys Attribution Engine when the order is complete. Our back-end system does the rest, analyzing and reporting on how much growth Katalys has driven.

Katalys Plugins

Dive in to see plugins for all supported platforms!

Custom Integrations

See how our bespoke solutioning can support your particular integration needs.

Privacy Policy

See how Katalys manages data.

Why Katalys?

Explore the benefits of Katalys.

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