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Why Katalys?

Katalys is a performance-based advertising network for transformational health products and brands. Our publishers deliver high converting in-market traffic to an exclusive list of curated products on the market. Want more eCommerce customers for your brand? Partner with Katalys to craft an enticing performance offer; we’ll do the rest.

This Katalys Advertiser Integration plugin enables brands to complete their technical integration in one no-hassle step. It listens for order-related hooks within your installation and reports to the Katalys Attribution Engine when the order is complete. Our back-end system does the rest, analyzing and reporting on how much growth Katalys has driven.

Account & Pricing

We'd love to show you how Katalys Advertiser Network can provide value for your business!  To start:

  • Fill out our Advertiser Survey to apply for an account.

  • We will review your submission and get back to you. We may ask for some business verification before approving your account. Once approved, we'll activate your account on our platform.

  • Finally, install the free plugin to complete the required Technical Integration.  The plugin will automatically configure itself based on your approved domain.

Our pricing structure is built specifically for your business needs!  We have the ability to structure our affiliate offers based on cart value, coupon, fixed-fee, and more.  Since Katalys is a performance network, you only pay when Katalys has driven value for your business in the form of verified/paid orders.

Business Value

Enable Sales To Be Driven

The Katalys extension is a platform that enables additional eCommerce sales to be driven. With this software, you will succeed in:

  • Driving additional traffic to your website

  • Making connections with prospective customers for your products/services

  • Attracting some qualified leads to sign up for your mailing list

  • Generating additional sales for your business

  • Paying for sales on a performance basis

  • Generating additional SEO-friendly links from publishers 

Feature Highlights

Creating Affiliate Campaigns

The Katalys module helps to collect data to support an effective affiliate program which could look like:

  • Create CPS, CPA or CPL offers

  • Track hits and sales across your eCommerce website

  • Set up special business rules and conditions for custom offers 

  • End-to-end campaign management

Why Brands Love Katalys

Performance Marketing for Positive Change!

We acquire customers via linking our advertisers with hundreds of curated publishers, marketers and influencers around the world. Katalys is a performance ad network which means we only get paid when our advertisers make sales.  

Affiliate Industry Knowledge

Our publishers and advertisers are in experienced hands when it comes to structuring offers and driving performance.

  • Marketing Savvy
    Let us help you grow your affiliate and eCommerce revenue with our collective decades of experience.

  • We Care
    We only allow transparent, transformative brands and safe, quality, compliant traffic from our publishers.

  • Strong Relationships
    We focus on building sustainable relationships with our Advertisers and Publishers so that everyone wins.

  • Legal Cannabis Focus
    Until Katalys, there wasn’t a strong centralized place for legal cannabis Advertisers and Publishers to exchange services.

  • Born to Rev
    Driving results on performance is in our blood. Clicks and impressions are not enough if you want to grow a business.

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