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Pulling & Editing Templated Historical Conversion Reports (used for billing)

With Conversion Reports, you can pull individual transaction-level data to help verify payouts, and detailed data around each conversion.

Pulling a Conversion Report

Conversion Reports are available as pre-configured templated reports, and as custom reports (Statistics Reports are also available; learn more here). Check out the below video to see how to run commonly used, pre-configured Conversion Reports!

Customizing and Saving a Report

Reports can be customized to include any available columns (see here for all columns available to advertisers), filters, and focused on any desired timeframe.

Starting from a pre-configured report, you can also customize the report--adjusting columns, filters, and date range--and saving it, so you can easily pull the same report later.

Check out the below video to see how to customize and save a report, starting from a pre-configured report!

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