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Conversion Reports: Pull a Historical Conversion Report by Payout Rule and Attribution Type

In order to verify if Payout Rules are applied correctly, you can break down your conversion report by Payout Rule or Attribution/User Action Type. These dimensions allow you view what offer rule and type of conversion is associated with a given Order. This can be helpful to confirm certain rules are being applied to specific publishers. For example, you may need to confirm a certain publisher is receiving a preferred payout on orders greater than $100 in value.

Conversion Reports including the Payout Rule and Attribution/User Action dimensions are available as pre-configured templated reports--just select “Load Report” option from the “More” menu, and choose the appropriate templated report.

Select “Load Report” from the “More” Menu

Understanding Payout Rule and Attribution/User Action Type

  • “Payout Rules” are manually set up and represent either your default payout structure defined by your AMP agreement. You may see custom names like Tier1 Payout, or Coupon Rule; these are just terms that are created to describe your specific Payout Rules. To learn more about what types of rules can be built, please reach out to your account management team!

  • “Attribution/User Action Types” are how conversions are being sourced and reflect how the Katalys engine is attributing conversions. Attribution/User Action Types include values in several categories:

    • Traffic Types include

      • redirect - a "click" event, aka a redirect (tracking link) from HasOffers/

      • entrance - a "post-click" landing, aka site entrance containing URL params after a click happens

      • pageview - page view (tracking JS hit) that happens to contain enough information to attribute it (not as common)

      CRM action: Katalys is notified of customer behavior

      • crm  -info saved within CRM system (aka Shopify manually telling us it came from X source)

      • recurring - previous order or customer state

      • coupon - coupon attached to order

      • coupon-reject - coupon on a reject list, order should be ignored


      • manual  - manual upload or Admin-user action

      • unknown - anything else (this is fairly uncommon in practice)

For a broader understanding of Katalys data terminology, check the Katalys Data Glossary!

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