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Advertiser Dashboard

Dashboard is a start page in Katalys Marketing Platform. It comprises the analytics information about your performance. You can drill down into analytics as well as customize your performance reports, using the Reports: Statistics and Reports: Conversions sections.

Dashboard: General View

Dashboard presents all the general performance metrics in tables and diagrams:


You can adjust the timeframe of the dashboard, using the top right panel:


All the diagrams support previewing the values on hovering over the chosen data point:


Question mark icons image-20240705-104810.png next to each header describe which metric this diagram or table is dedicated to:


Tables support internal sorting (click arrow icon in the corresponding column to sort the table ascending image-20240705-105656.png and descending image-20240705-105725.png ).

Trend icon image-20240705-104924.png in the tables redirects to the report, applying the corresponding filters for more detailed review:


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