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Katalys X We Can Track


We Can Track is a software solution that offers tools to help affiliate publishers in their everyday business activities so they can focus on their cash cows in order to avoid negative returns on investments. Some key factors of We Can Track are as follows:

Solution Highlights


The We Can Track system saves countless hours by automating your tracking setup. It automatically locates your Affiliate Link (whether they are cloaked or not), places sub-IDs with unique Click IDs and tracks them when clicked. This saves a lot of time and no human errors with setting up tracking.


For most Affiliates there is no need to study any manuals or documentation.


Integrating your conversion data in tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Data Studio and more - is the most powerful feature We Can Track has to offer. It will allow you to manage your campaigns with the tools you are using. 

You can even automate the bid adjustments based on these platforms’ Advanced Machine Learning systems! Next to that you can also use We Can Track’s API or Webhooks to integrate your data in your applications.

Funnel Analysis:

Funnel Analysis is possible and complete (anonymous) user profiles are available!

Al Optimization:

Having your conversion data in your marketing tools will allow you to make use of the ads platforms’ Machine Learning, which will help you to increase ROAS by automating your bid adjustments and budget allocations.

Moreover, these platforms can automatically create Lookalike Audiences which will help you to reach new users who are much more likely to convert!

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