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Katalys Product Finder


Katalys Partners focus on acquiring traffic, and in the spirit of offering a well-tailored experience to web visitors interacting with our partners, Katalys builds tools and sales funnels to help Partners educate, incentivize, and optimize the experiences of their visitors.

Katalys is also expanding into the Display Monetization business. Katalys wishes to extend beyond the transactional one-off campaign model into owned & operated web properties that can serve as nexus points for Members of the Katalys Partner Network. These web properties will act as pre-sales funnels for one or many Advertisers on the Katalys Network. By leveraging in-house optimization competencies, Katalys hopes to increase the conversion potential of this traffic.


The Katalys Product Finder will be a desktop/mobile web experience that helps online shoppers select the appropriate health product for them from a specific product category. This experience will act as a pre-sales funnel that suggests products from multiple Advertisers based on the visitor’s responses to simple questions.

The Product-Comparison space only has one known direct competitor: the Leafly Category Explorer. It focuses on THC/other marijuana products and is not tuned for a health/wellness/CBD focus.

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