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Alternative option for enabling Apple Pay

Self-Managed Apple Developer Account

If placing a verification file is not possible, you can create your own Apple Developer Account. These are the basic steps, distilled from the Apple Documentation, for creating your own Developer account.

Prerequisites: You must have an activated Apple Developer Account available. Apple’s documentation covers this process – this guide will assume you already have access to an activated account.

Apple docs:

  1. You must receive a CSR from the Katalys Tech Team.

    1. The CSR will must be generated via the Certificates API via Spreedly.

  2. You submit it to Apple pay as CSR for Payment processing for Apple to sign it. This happens within seconds.

  3. You submit the returned file to back to the Katalys Team.

  4. You either repeat the above for merchant Id or submit the final version to us and do it themselves.

  5. You must validate your own domain.

  6. Apple Pay will now work natively on your domain.

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