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Statistics Reports - Data Glossary for Partners

Katalys Data Field

Corresponding OR Similar HasOffers/TUNE Data Field


Publisher Data



Publisher Manager

Publisher Manager

Name of Katalys Manager for an organization associated with a Partner

Publisher Source

Publisher Source

Partner-provided field "source"

Publisher Sub 1

Publisher Sub 1

Partner-provided field "sub1"

Publisher Sub 2

Publisher Sub 2

Partner-provided field "sub2"

Publisher Sub 3

Publisher Sub 3

Partner-provided field "sub3"

Publisher Sub 4

Publisher Sub 4

Partner-provided field "sub4"

Publisher Sub 5

Publisher Sub 5

Partner-provided field "sub5"

Referral Domain

Referral URL (base)

Referral domain of incoming traffic, if provided by the user's browser

Referring Domain


The referring domain of the last session associated with the conversion

Referring URL


The referring URL of the last session associated with the conversion

Traffic Source

Name and ID of Traffic Source

Traffic Source ID

Affiliate ID

ID of Traffic Source assigned by the Katalys network

Advertiser Data





Name and ID of the Program

Offer ID

Offer ID

ID of the Program assigned by the Katalys network

Offer Landing Page


The landing page of the last-click attribution associated with the conversion

Payout Rule


Name of rule associated with an order

Product Category


Product Category as reported by Advertiser

Product Name


Product Name as reported by Advertiser




Avg Session Depth


Average number of pages viewed by incoming visitors


Unique Clicks

Total number of unique clicks on content within the Katalys network.

Convs: Approved

Same as statistic in Offer Report

Count of approved conversions

Convs: w/ Payout


Count of conversions--with a payout greater than $0--that have been attributed to a Partner within the Katalys network



Conversion Rate

Device Name

Device Model

Name of device model

Device Type

Device Brand

Type of device



Partner Earnings Per Click



Partner Earnings Per User-session

Gross Clicks

Gross Clicks

Total number of times a customer has clicked on content within the Katalys network



Number of digital views or engagements with content


Sale Amount

Derived metric calculating “captured value” using all numbers received from the CRM. Since CRMs calculate subtotal in different ways, we use the lowest value of reported Subtotal, or reported Total minus tax/shipping. Used for calculating CPS.

Sessions: Network


Count of sessions within the Katalys network

Sessions: Total Active


Count of sessions that saw at least one hit

Unique IPs


Count of unique IP addresses for all visitors

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