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Sourcing Tracking Links

Katalys Marketing simplifies sourcing and customizing tracking links. Our tool allows you to easily shorten tracking links or append Sub_ID values before copying. Follow the steps below to create your own tracking links:

  1. Create a Tracking Link from a Brand Page:

    1. Search for the specific brand or browse brands on the Explore page.

    2. Click a brand page and select the Links section.

    3. Browse product landing pages and find the desired product.

    4. Click Copy Link to preview the link without tracking parameters.

    5. Click the Create Link icon, and copy the link to generate your own partner link for this brand’s specific product.

  1. Use Create Tracking Link Shortcut:

    1. From any page, select the Create Link function at the top right.

    2. Select the brand and destination (landing page) from the dropdown menus.

    3. Click Copy Link to generate your own tracking link.

  2. Customization Options:

    1. Shorten the Tracking URL link:

      1. If you prefer a shortened trackable link, simply select the "Shorten URL" checkbox before copying.

    2. Appending Sub_ID Values to Tracking Links

    3. Toggle switch for “Track Parameters.”

    4. Input relevant sub_id values inside of “sub_id” 1-5 fields, or “source” field.

Check out the video demo:

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