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How To: Creating Custom Performance Reports

Our Performance page offers a custom report builder that allows you to create a report with the ability to save for easy access later.

Customizing and Saving a Report

Reports can be customized to include any available columns and filters, and focused on any desired timeframe.

In the Analytics view, click into the Performance page and notice the default columns. You can create a customized report by adjusting columns, filters and date range--and then save, so you can easily pull the same report later!

Check out the below video to see how to customize and save a report, starting from a default report!

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Performance: From the side navigation menu, click on Analytics and into the Performance page.

  2. Select Date: Click on the date-picker, located on the top-right menu bar to select the desired date range.

  3. Adjust Filters:

    1. Filter under Brand: enables you to look at data from a specific brand.

    2. Filter by Column: offers additional filter options.

    3. Filter under Page: provides insight into offer landing pages and homepages where you are driving sales from.

    4. Filter by Device: identifies data between desktop and mobile.

    5. Filter by Product: conversion reports generated based on the specific products within a Brand that you are generating sales from.

  4. Export Report: Click Export at the top right to populate a downloadable report.

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