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Katalys Automated Monetization (KAM) F.A.Q.

On this page, please find frequently asked questions related to the implementation of the K.A.M. link replacer solution.





once KAM script is deployed on a partner's page or pages, does it automatically crawl and deploy links or is there an activation lever we have to pull on our side first?

The script automatically deploys links as soon as the partner deploys it to their page, there's no activation from our side;

There's only a one-time setup to send the script to a new partner, and no additional activation levers beyond that.


How Often Does KAM Crawl My Website?

KAM runs in 24-hour intervals, which ensures any recent un-monetized URL links that have been added to your content are identified, and converted for partner monetization

  • If the link was already pre-existing in Tune (added more than 24h ago), then KAM will replace that new link immediately when it shows up - the next time the page is refreshed or loads.

  • If a pub asks us to update their landing pages in Tune, then the KAM script will be updated as soon as our nightly sync brings in that updated landing page from Tune - so, no more than 24h


Will KAM Impact My Page Load Speed?

Unnoticeable to the user because KAM utilizes asynchronous Java Script, it only needs a minimal amount of resources to operate, which keeps its load on your website light.


If the script is deployed site-wide, is that done asynchronously?

Yes, the deployed script will update site-wide, asynchronously.


Will KAM Affect my SEO rankings or SEO strategy?

No! Our script detects when a website is being viewed or crawled, such as when the Google Crawler is traversing your website, and does not replace links


Can KAM be Deployed Across my Entire Website, or Only on Individual Pages?

Both! You determine the scale at which you want KAM to run. We recommend site-wide to increase your monetization opportunities, but you can also deploy across individual pages.

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