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Advertiser Glossary Appendix: Data Calculation and Determination

Statistics Reports

Conversion Reports

Advertiser Data


Attribution status for Katalys network. The Available Statuses are:

  • Pending: Katalys has not received enough information to process the order. Usually this is because the order has not yet been marked as paid.

  • Approved: The order was marked as paid, and was driven by an Affiliate on Katalys Network.

  • Error

  • No Value

  • Skipped: The order was processed, but was not attributable to the Katalys Affiliate Network.

  • Ignored: The order was processed, but due to a rule in place on the associated Offer, this order was purposefully excluded from being attributed to Katalys Network.

  • Duplicate: Order information was received from the Advertiser’s system out-of-order. The Katalys system has merged this order with another order so that a single line-item per order exists.

  • Rejected: Something that was previously Approved, was subsequently rejected.

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