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Coupon discount for free shipping

You can add a coupon to give free shipping for the Katalys platform. This coupon won't be available to use in your store. This coupon won't be able to give a discount, will give only free shipping.

How can You add the coupon?

The menu by side click in Marketing -> Coupons:

Click on the Add coupon:

After that, you need to put a Coupon code. The coupon code needs to start with the prefix KS_ to work and select Allow free shipping:

If you don't put the prefix KS_ and select Allow free shipping, won't work correctly. If you try to use the coupon in your store, will happen the error below:

After you create a coupon, will be available automatically to use via the platform. The platform will show only free shipping if you create the coupon, and won't show others shipping rates.

After you add the coupon, when you have an order with the coupon, you will see the order equal below:

The feature above is available in version 1.1.15 or more.

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